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Come dine with me and look pretty💋

Mix And Match

The start to every perfect make up look is your foundation. If your foundation is not  blended well or applied correctly the rest of your face is just going to follow suit and look just as bad! The first step... Continue Reading →

Fashion And Make-up Trends To Leave Behind In 2016! 

How many of us actually look at people passing by and instantly judge them by their sense of fashion? Not once do we think that what if they're thinking the same about us? I have come up with 10 different... Continue Reading →

A Little Bit Of Coconut Goes A Long Way 🌴 

Coconut…one of the most popular food ingredients and health and well being supplements across the globe. Coconut has alot of benefits, quite a few of which many of us don’t know of! Just a few weeks ago, my friends and... Continue Reading →

It is always the simple that produces the marvelous💅🏻

I've always noticed how brides at engagement parties are always so over dressed. I understand you're a bride 👰🏻 to be and you want to look the part but the power of simplicity is yet to be unveiled.  I am... Continue Reading →

Winsome Afternoons 🌴☀️

Mijn Kitchen... It's a new coffee shop in Blantyre, Mandala to be more specific. The name of this place has actually caused alot of confusion🙈 let's hope my explanation behind it is true as I'm going to base it on... Continue Reading →

Date nights😉

Friday nights... perfect for a date night!! No early start the next day, beginning of the weekend, it's just perfect! A date night, with crappy food is not a successful date night. That is not something anyone should ever go... Continue Reading →

Woops! We’re getting a little off track🌚

So as my blog stands, it's been a while since I blogged about anything. To be completely fair, I have been quite busy. Not many that read my blog would know me personally. So here is a little something to... Continue Reading →

No pain! No gain, or sparkles! ✨😉

When I turned 18, I went through this whole "Rockstar" phase. I ended up cutting my hair completely short! Like more of a spiced up Rihanna look😉. Not only did I cut my hair to shock people, but I also... Continue Reading →

Sometimes Italian 🍝 

Who doesn't love Italian cuisine?! In a small neighbourhood called Namiwawa, on Sharpe Road lies a little Italian restaurant called L'hostaria. When I normally go to this restaurant my menu is usually set. I get the Picante pizza for starters... Continue Reading →

Chocolate volcano🌋 

This mouthwatering dessert is absolutely heavenly!! It's exploding molten chocolate centre is a definite must have for those chocolate lovers out there. The mix of the cold ice cream and hot chocolate fondant just blends perfectly. I'd say this dessert... Continue Reading →

Puffy all the way!

For most people I know, puffy clothes don't really cut it for them. I guess it depends on your body structure too. For those of you out there with a tall and slender looking body, puffy skirts can really make... Continue Reading →

The Ryalls Burger

The Protea Ryalls Hotel, part of the globally known Marriott chain of hotels is located in Blantyre, Malawi. Tucked away on Hannover Street, opposite Bombay Palace (post coming soon), they have a fine dining restaurant within the hotel. The restaurant... Continue Reading →

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